• Are you looking for an expert dog trainer in Bowling Green, Kentucky? Then, you've come to the right place. Sandy has over 20 years of experience training household dogs and 7 years experience training service dogs for children with autism.

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Sandy Otto is the most sought after dog trainer in Bowling Green, KY. She is recommended by veterinary clinics in Warren County.

Welcome to Puppy Preschool

Scout & China campingToday more households have at least one dog as part of their family. Just like early education for our children, puppies and dogs also need guidance when they come into our home.

Puppy Preschool has been in business for 20 years, originally located in Louisville, Kentucky. Puppy Preschools evolution was a result of dog owners common complaints that many classes never addressed. Problems such as housetraining, jumping, destructive chewing, bolting through doors, possessiveness, aggression . These problems for many dog owners, have resulted in dogs being banished to the back yard or worse given up to shelters.

With the education from Puppy Preschool the new dog owner can have solutions to prevent behavior problems. Early preventative training presented with positive reinforcement methods will give you the skills to train your dog.

You will be inspired, motivated and educated to develop your dog. In return your dog will bring enjoyment to your family for years to come.

Experienced Dog Trainer

Sandy Otto is a full member of the Association of Professional Trainers and an authorized mentor trainer of the Animal Behavior College.