Sandy Otto is the most sought after dog trainer in Bowling Green, KY.

She is recommended by multiple veterinary clinics in Warren County.

In Home Lessons

Puppy Preschool offers private lessons in your home, where many of your dog’s behavior problems begin. Training begins the day you bring your dog into your home. By setting clear routines at the beginning, you will help produce the family friendly dog you desire. With a scheduled appointment you can begin the training to prevent any bad behavior from developing.

  • Great start on young puppies
  • New or inexperienced owners
  • Rescue dogs; setting the ground work when they come home
  • Handling multiple dogs or children with the new dog
  • Specific problems

Inside Warren County Area

$55 for a 60-minute lesson

$100 for 2 60-minute lessons scheduled

within a two week period

Outside Warren County Area

$100 for a 60-minute lesson

Any lessons over 90 minutes will have a cost of $10 for each additional 1/2 hour.

Sandy does not specialize in aggressive dogs with a history of biting.

For All In-Home Lessons call the trainer directly at (270) 784-2714.

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