Sandy Otto is the most sought after dog trainer in Bowling Green, KY.

She is recommended by multiple veterinary clinics in Warren County.

Informative Articles

Lucy, the Journey of a Service Dog for Autism
Lucy will be coming to my home in a few days to complete her training to become a service dog for a child with Autism. She is an eight month old Double Doodle, which is, two Doodles bred together. What little I know of her is this...
Give Me That! How to teach your dog to let go.
One of the behaviors that most puppies learn is to protect objects of value from their littermates. When a puppy has a new toy or chew bone, he will either get up to keep the object away from the other puppies (keep away) or give a warning growl when another puppy comes close.
Accepting Your Touch
Your dog should allow you to touch him anywhere on his body without biting at you. This means wiping paws, looking into his mouth, picking up a paw or holding the tail. To teach your dog to accept touch, you begin by giving him a hard treat about the size of a nickel.
Training Is More Than “Sit”
I hear this a lot when people meet me on the street and talk about their puppy. What ever problem their having I hear them say “I’m waiting for my puppy to out grow...”.
The Quick Fix For Dog Training
We see on tv dog programs that show how quickly a dog turns around from a bad behavior once a personal trainer comes to their home.
Who’s Walking Who On The Leash?
For those who are having difficulty just taking your dog for a simple walk, sometimes using tools makes it more enjoyable. I generally don’t use a choke chain or pinch collar for both are “correction” equipment and I don’t believe in correcting a dog when it doesn’t know what you want from it.
Teaching Your Dog to Swim
Taking your dog for a swim can be fun for both of you as well as great exercise. For pool or boat owners teaching your dog to swim can also be a safety issue. Plan to get wet, you’ll have to get in the water with your dog.

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