Training Is More Than “Sit”

I hear this a lot when people meet me on the street and talk about their puppy. What ever problem their having I hear them say “I’m waiting for my puppy to out grow …”. In my experience a small percentage will out grow the questionable behavior, but more often the majority don’t. When they don’t, then you either live with the problem the rest of their 11 plus years or you call in a trainer to fix the dog. In my opinion, early training of your puppy will detour any bad behavior before it becomes a regular occurrence. For those who don’t have a knack for training bringing in a professional is important.

But training is more than just walking on a leash, sits or downs. Training is about the day to day activities you do around your home and incorporating your dog into them. Teaching your dog when to play and when to settle down. To chew on their specific toys and not your belongings. Waiting calmly at the door instead of barking constantly and rushing out to greet your guests. Coming when you called the first time and not ignoring you. All this is vital training. I have seen many show obedience dogs that were great in the show ring and at the site, but terrible behavior at home.

So, obedience covers a wide range of training and don’t think your dog will out grow bad behavior.

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